New Moon and Full Moon Events.

  • During the New Moon and the Full Moon, Sekhmet organizes circles opened to everyone, to pray together, meditate, chant, dance, manifest each one intentions and receive intuitions and divine messages.

14 Days planetary meditations.

  • Embrace the challenge to be guided for 14 days in a row, into the journey of discovery of 14 planets qualities, through a guided meditation and nice creative tasks to accomplish. It's a meditation free of charge, offered by Gian Gobind Yoga Farm.

Bi-monthly Cosmic meetings.

  • Online meetings to observe, know and opening awareness to energy of each planet. The Universe is a mirror of our interior worlds and through these specific classes, in small groups, we are making emerge the consciousness on our strengths and weakness and where focusing the work together, through the immersion of Sacred Gong vibrations, specific meditations, yoga practices and group sharing.

Single and multiple-day workshops on Gong and  Sound healing tools, to deepen your spiritual practice.

  • Gong workshop to touch from a closer prospective the benefits of receiving and also playing the Gong and to learn first basic techniques to connect with this divine instrument, as from teachings of GAA of Gong Avatar Master Trainer Sotantar Suraj.
  • Workshops on Sound healing tools to learn how to best use them for beneficing from the power of Vibrations.
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