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Rebirth is an album created to enhance Trust beyond the illusions of life and death. With the use of jupiter Planetary Gong for all 3 tracks, you dive  deep in a process of death, surrendering and rebirth, through profound trust. The first track in this CD features 108 repetitions of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for you to meditate with and chant along. This Mantra is considered to be the most powerful Shiva Mantra.It bestows longevity and prevents untimely death, removing fear and healing from within...The chanting is accompanied by the sound of Jupiter Gong providing a very powerful platform for this meditation. Tracks 2 is an immersion into the vibrations of Jupiter Gong, allowing the process of receiving and surrendering to Life. Track 3 features the meditation “God and Me  meditation”  accompanied by Jupiter Gong. This tracks accompanies you in the process of rebirth through surrendering and trust, feeling yourself melted with the Whole. The Sacred Vibrations of the Gong relaxe the mind and the body, elevating the spirit through an inner personal journey and rejuvenating and expanding at the same time our electromagnetic field. Sellable through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and on request cd to be delivered.  


The Rebirth album was a mystical experience for me! Thanks to the magnificent sounds of the gong and the reassuring and calm voice of Cristiana, I had the perception of embarking on a journey of transformation of my unconscious. These sounds and vibrations have given me a lot of peace, serenity and energy. I find myself daydreaming and so many memories re-emerge in me, sensations that I did not remember having, for me listening to Rebirth is a process of continuous healing. I thank Cristiana very much for offering to me this powerful experience! (Elena S.)

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