The Gong Avatar Academy has been created by Master Gong Avatar Sotantar Suraj in New Port Beach, California. Very quickly the GAA has started to grow and expand through all West Coast and East Coast, so that another GAA has been opened in Miami, Florida, under the guidance of Gong Avatar Master Trinity Devi. The training is a deep journey within ourself where we use the Gong as a mirror to discover, embrace and bring light into our hidden corners. And so we deeply go within and contact our True Self, expanding, empowering and raising consciousness, in deep awareness. We study and apply ancient and modern practices and principles to understand the Laws of Cosmo, without and within. Two new GAA have been opened, one in Chula Vista, California, under the guidance of Gong Avatar Master Marbella Mondaco Tostado and one in Evian Les Bains under the guidance of Sekhmet Mehra.
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